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Nursing Home Services

Coastal Breeze Mental Health offers in-person psychiatric consults for patients in

SNF, LTC and Post Acute settings.

Bi-Weekly Check ins

Our PMHNPs will service the facility every two weeks. This schedule provides the patients amazing continuity of care and allows our providers to identify issues early.

Billing done for you

Our providers will submit the notes for billing and you will not need to be concerned about providing these services on our behalf.

Exceptional Care

Our providers care deeply about the patients they work with. Our facilities have great things to say about our services and we are happy to provide client testimonials at your request.

Meeting CMS Requirements

Our providers are familiar with the process of gradual dose reductions and the importance of keeping our patients safe. Each case will be thoroughly assessed and documented on accordingly.

In Person Services

Our providers will come to your facility in person. No more clunky telehealth visits with misunderstandings and lackluster care. Our providers are vaccinated and are regularly tested for Covid-19 for the utmost patient safety.

Limited Availability!

Due to the popularity of this service we have limited availability for new facilities along the Central Coast or in Southern California. Please call 831-291-3540 or submit form below for availability and more information.

What Our Clients Say

Warm Up on the Beach

Request Information about psychiatric consults in LTC

Limited Availability!


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