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Having challenges getting a preceptor?

Consider working with Coastal Breeze Mental Health

As a nursing student, finding quality preceptors for psychiatric nurse practitioner hours can be a challenging task. It requires identifying individuals with the right expertise, clinical experience, and willingness to guide and mentor students effectively in the complex field of mental health. When getting your hours with Coastal Breeze Mental Health, I am confident that I can help you achieve your precepting goals. Coastal Breeze Mental Health has a strong reputation for providing comprehensive and patient-centered psychiatric care. Our team of highly skilled and compassionate practitioners offers a diverse range of clinical experiences, ensuring that students will have the opportunity to learn from professionals who excel in their respective areas of expertise. By working with Coastal Breeze Mental Health, students will obtain valuable precepting experiences, helping you develop the skills and knowledge necessary to become a proficient psychiatric nurse practitioner.

Hours can be done virtually for students seeking licensure in California or Colorado. For those looking for an in-person experience, hours available for individuals in the Santa Cruz Area.

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